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2022 - Change in the board of directors of AKS.

In a worthy ceremony, Ms. Sophy Akinyi Maresch was sworn in to the position of CEO & vice president of AKS following the decision of the Executive Committee in November 2021. The entrepreneur, who comes from Diani Beach and lives in the Korneuburg district, has already been heavily involved in AKS events in the past and actively supported them. l.

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November 4, 2021 Everything has an end, only the sausage has two!

At the end of the year, the Genussclub, a partner club of the Austrian-Kenyan-Society, invited people to “make white sausages” followed by a tasting. Club members of the two clubs were able to prove themselves at the white sausage stuffing. As was to be expected, there was nothing left - but nobody had to go hungry 😊

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09/25/2021 Styx Naturkosmetik wants to expand its presence in Kenya!

A traditional company, which has been operating in the heart of Lower Austria since 1965 and is the Austrian market leader in natural cosmetics, wants to expand its presence in Africa. Company owner Wolfgang Stix invited Ambassador H.E. Dr. Robinson Githae and his team from the Kenyan embassy to Ober Grafendorf for a factory tour.

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September 18th, 2021 Lucullan delicacy in the Prater

Eating is part of our culture, and it is our task to build culinary bridges to the African continent. In the “Hütterl” at “der Kernigen”, owner Eva Kern, President Willy Koblizek invited Ambassador H.E. Dr. Robinson Githae and his team from the Kenyan embassy for a treat at the most interesting sausage stand in Vienna.

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08/12/2021 DAS Energy - a possible partner for Kenya!

At the invitation of Christian Dries, managing director of DAS Energy GmbH, a meeting for the Kenyan embassy took place under the patronage of H.E. Ambassador Dr. Robinson Githahe. The visit was coordinated and accompanied by the AKS board, led by President Willy Koblizek.

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Events 2020

Unfortunately, there were no events in 2020 - everything was canceled due to Covid-19

AKS celebrates Kenya`s Madaraka Day 06.06.2019

AKS celebrates Kenya`s Madaraka Day at the event "Cultures invite you to table"

Kenya's independence was celebrated with a new culinary creation, the "Kenyan wild deer Leberkaas". Represented by General Secretary Walter J. Gerbautz and NR aD under the pacification of PaN. Dr. Walter Schwimmer, the AKS board celebrated this culinary highlight with many invited members and great other cultures.

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Meet &Greet with Ambassador H.E. R. Githae

The AKS board led by President Willy Koblizek and board members Edward Wokabi, Hans Jörg Kranzinger and Behija Ben-Rouba have the first meet & greet with Ambassador H.E. Robinson Githae and his wife in what is probably the most iconic Viennese pub "zum Renner".

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18th of December 2018 High-Level Forum Africa-Europe

The high-level forum Africa-Europe titled ‘taking cooperation to the digital age’ took place on the 18th December 2018. It was jointly hosted by the Austrian Presidency of the European Union Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Paul Kagame President of Rwanda and the Chairman of the African Union for 2018, European union President Jean-Claude Juncker.

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7. July 2017 Business Delegation AKS

Business Delegation AKS

from 9th of July to 16th of July 2017 in NAIROBI

Under umbrella of Austrian-Kenyan Society companies and investors get a come together in Nairobi / Kenya.

Head of delegation:
Willy Koblizek - President AKS
Edward Wokabi - Vicepresident AKS

Member of AKS-board:
Markus Milacek
Hans-Jörg Kranzinger

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17th of Nov 2016 AKS inauguration at Kenyan's embassy in Vienna

Official launch of Austrian Kenyan Society (AKS) held at the Kenyan Embassy in Austria on 17th Nov 2016. Senator h.c Walter J. Gerbautz who is the secretary General of PAN officiated the event. Ambassador Michael Oyugi was the host of the event. This was a sign that the association was recognized by the government of Kenya and also accepted as one of the association under the wing of PAN. Mr. Willy Koblizek was recognised as the president of the association with Mr. Edward Wokabi as the vice president. Treasurer Micheal Maresch, second controller Wanjiku Wokabi, Armin Probst Reporter. The main aim is to build bridges between Austria and Kenya and to offer opportunities of business contacts. Kenyans living in Austria and Austrians were both present at the inauguration.

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27th of October 2016 - Businessforum & inauguration of the official Mission of WKO in Nairobi

Kenya- Austria Business Forum held in Kempinski Villa Rosa. The Forum was officiated by Austrian foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Sebastian Kurz, Mr. Christoph Leitl President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and a delegation of businessmen / women from both countries attended where they had an opportunity to exchange, share and discover business ventures between the two countries. The event was also to strengthen business relations between the two countries. The mission of AKS in the delegation was to support business connection outside the chamber of commerce.

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3rd of June 2017 Madaraka day celebration

Madaraka Day is normally on the 1st of June and it commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule in 1963. The host of the event was Mr James. The event was attended by a large number of Kenyans living in Austria, Ambassador Michael Oyugi, members of AKS and other guests were also present at this event. It was a jovial atmosphere typical for Kenyan people with African music played by the DJ's present, Kenyan Nyama Choma which is barbecued meat that kenyans enjoy eating during gatherings of friends and families.

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