Österreichische - Kenianische Gesellschaft


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are an independent registered association formed by people from all backgrounds and enjoy the active support of the governments of both Austria and the Kenya.

The “Österreichische-Kenianische Gesellschaft” was officially inaugurated at the Kenyan Embassy in Vienna on 17th September 2016.

In accordance with our constitution, our goals are:

to initiate and promote debate on current economic, political and cultural issues,

to break down existing stereotypes and encourage inter-personal and inter-organisational contacts between the two countries and help to improve personal and corporate social responsibility.

to contribute to wider knowledge of all aspects of Austrian and Kenyan culture, lifestyle and arts,

To achieve these aims, our main activities include:

fostering the ties between Austria and Kenya through inter-personal and inter-organisational contacts, exchange and visits,

workshops, courses, readings and book presentations, exhibitions and other activities aimed at promoting knowledge about all things Austrian and Kenyan

the invitation of guest speakers from Kenya and Austria who talk about current affairs or aspects of Kenyan and Austrian economy, culture, arts, history, society and lifestyle.

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