Österreichische - Kenianische Gesellschaft


27th of October 2016 Austrian National Day

His Excellency Dr. Harald Günther invited the whole delegation to celebrate Austrians National Day in a nice environment of other Austrian residents at the embassy of the Federal Republic of Austria in Nairobi.

IMG 20161027 WA0014
IMG 20161027 WA0016
IMG 20161027 WA0018
IMG 20161027 WA0019
IMG 20161028 WA0016
IMG 20161028 WA0019
IMG 20161028 WA0021
IMG 20161028 WA0022
IMG 20161028 WA0024
IMG 20161028 WA0027
IMG 20161028 WA0031
IMG 20161028 WA0032
IMG 20161028 WA0035
IMG 20161028 WA0040
IMG 20161108 WA0019

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