√Ėsterreichische - Kenianische Gesellschaft


17th of Nov 2016 AKS inauguration at Kenyan's embassy in Vienna

Official launch of Austrian Kenyan Society (AKS) held at the Kenyan Embassy in Austria on 17th Nov 2016. Senator h.c Walter J. Gerbautz who is the secretary General of PAN officiated the event. Ambassador Michael Oyugi was the host of the event. This was a sign that the association was recognized by the government of Kenya and also accepted as one of the association under the wing of PAN. Mr. Willy Koblizek was recognised as the president of the association with Mr. Edward Wokabi as the vice president. Treasurer Micheal Maresch, second controller Wanjiku Wokabi, Armin Probst Reporter. The main aim is to build bridges between Austria and Kenya and to offer opportunities of business contacts. Kenyans living in Austria and Austrians were both present at the inauguration.

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